Bachelor of Medical Radio and Imaging Technology (BMRIT) In Dehradun

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Bachelor of Medical Radio and Imaging Technology

Our Bachelor of Medical Radio and Imaging Technology i.e. BMRIT is a degree that gives its aspirants more than just a career. A unique feeling of pride, delight, confidence, and a sense of responsibility towards the community. The three years long course curriculum is divided into separate modules that cover the preparatory disciplines and the biomedical sciences to help consolidate the basic knowledge of the field. It has been designed carefully to meet the growing needs of professionals in the field of clinical radiography, radiation safety, image processing technology, imaging modalities, etc.

The subsequent phases of the program assist students in acquiring suitable knowledge of the theoretical and methodological aspects based on which a Medical Radiology Technician performs his/her professional activities. The further practical training is provided in the internship program which is an extremely learning session for the candidates.

We understand that radiography is an art and science which involves the medical imaging of patients to produce a radiograph for the diagnosis of disease. Therefore, our bachelor's program majorly intends to cover all the basic subjects of the field, however, more emphasis is given to clinical disciplines and the techniques included in the various branches of Medical Radiology (like, imaging, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, health physics) along with educating students on processing and archiving techniques. Through the dedicated efforts of our faculties, the students are able to gain a relevant disciplinary understanding of the nature, practice, and application of Medical Imaging Technology. This enhances their knowledge base while making them well-performing radiologists who work collaboratively, evaluate data, and are skilled enough to draw logical conclusions through their practice.

This ever-growing field is expected to generate several new job opportunities for students in the near future who can choose to join hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs, and physician offices. To further excite our aspirants and to encourage them for taking this program.

Below is a mention of job opportunities present in the market:

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