Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) in Dehradun

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Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

As an intensive program that aims to impart first-class knowledge to its learners, our Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) is a diversified course. Through the means of our strategically designed course curriculum, we aim to help students acquire the necessary set of scientific, theoretical, and practical qualifications pertaining to the field. This enables them to function skilfully as Biomedical Laboratory Health Technicians gaining fundamental biomedical and hygienic preventive knowledge.

As a paramedical program that works with an approach to the holistic development of the students, we ensure covering topics related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various kinds of ailments and health problems through several clinical laboratory tests. Through the practical training and internship session, the students get exposure to how to perform the analysis of different body fluids during their course of study.

Candidates who have a keen interest in the healthcare sector usually choose to build a career in medical science.

Post their degree completion:

The degree holders proudly establish themselves as trained professionals who a lot of times go for higher studies in this field. Many students also enter the healthcare industry, taking up the roles of:

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