Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

All the students and their parents shall be presumed to have gone through and understood the contents of this section. No plea shall be entertained by any one that he/she did not read this bulletin or relied upon any other information issued or published by the institute.

Punctuality, regularity, proper uniform, earnest efforts in studies and polite behavior inside and outside the institute are always insisted on and in all these matters, the parent’s full co-operation is expected all the times. Students must standup smartly, greet teachers and seniors respectfully and behave honestly in the institute. They are answerable to the institute authorities for their misconduct, misbehavior, habitual idealness, disobedience, discourtesy and disrespect to elders. In all such circumstances the student has to face an enquiry and if proved guilty, he/she will be suspended for a specified period or permanently from the Institute. It is mandatory for all the students to stay in the hostel or with their parents only.

After admission in the institute, all the students shall submit himself/ herself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the management of the institute. Action taken by the incharge or other officers of the institute who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under Uttarakhand State university act or rules and regulations that have been or will be framed by the Institute will be final.

Students should attend the institute regularly. No leave of absence will be granted except for serious reasons. Students who are absent on the first day and last day of the session or who are away from the institute for five consecutive days without permission may have their names removed from the register and will be re-admitted after paying admission fee only if there is a vacancy. In all cases of leave or absence, prior permission from the principal/co-ordinator should be obtained except in case of unforeseen circumstances for which authenticated reason should be furnished by the parents or guardians. It is mandatory to deposit medical certificate from the authorized medical team nominated by the institute. Absentees at an examination will be considered as having failed unless it is established that their absence was due to illness or due to unforeseen circumstances. Such leave applications should be sanctioned by Principal/ Coordinator furnishing details such as name of student, class with section, roll no., examination room and subject for which the student is not appearing.

All students have to full fill the minimum attendance criteria as per examination department of the university as given in the ordinance of each course. No student will absent himself/herself from any of the lectures without leave having been obtained previously from the Head of the Department for a sufficient cause, and if he/she is irregular in attendance, or fails to show progress or is not diligent in studies, his/her name is liable to be struck off from the roles of the institute. 90% attendance in one academic year are compulsory to make satisfactory progress for the student.

However, it is mandatory to maintain 75% attendance in theory and practical classes separately in all the subjects failing which the student will not be permitted to appear in any examination.

The remaining 25% of attendance may include medical leave or any other leave granted with permission of the institute authority. Attendance of students on the following special occasions is mandatory and the defaulters will be penalized.

  • Independence Day.
  • Republic Day.
  • Founder’s Day.
  • First and last days of the session.
  • Any special function organized by the state/University/ Institute.
  • In one academic session, a student shall be entitled medical leave of a maximum of 30 days. However, in special cases, where this leave exceeds the stipulated period, a medical certificate duly signed by the district chief medical officer/senior medical superintendent will only be applicable. The medical certificate in either of cases, should be submitted to the medical board for verification within three days of joining the institute after illness.